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Join us for the week of a lifetime with a true legend of Tennis

Roy Emerson



We have had hundreds of satisfied participants for our tennis weeks.  Just look at what some of them have written to us:

Voted No. 1 Tennis Camp in the world by Tennis Resorts
Online 2008 - 2017

"Everyone knows Roy is brilliant with a tennis racquet, but what sets apart his camp in Gstaad amongst many other factors which I will be coming to, is he knows how to teach the game incorporating a whole lot of fun. His sense of humour is second to none! For me tennis has to be about enjoying yourself and believe me that you will on and off the court. The setting is unbeatable the Gstaad Palace high up on a hill overlooking the chic town which you can walk to in a matter of minutes. What I find most impressive about the Palace is yes the old fashioned luxury of course of the hotel, but the really down to earth friendly service that is accorded to one and all...these guys are old hats at the game, and the experience blazons through Meals are outstanding and the layout of the pool and tennis courts and lovely terrace on which we lunch weather permitting is just bliss. The week is broken up with plenty of little treats such as an afternoon up in the mountains picnicking in such a heavenly surroundings you feel Julie Andrews will burst onto the scene singing "The hills are alive with the sound of music!" and then in complete Emmo style the afternoon ends with Waltzing Matilda belted out even by the local farmers! How can you not enjoy yourself? Don't get me wrong though the tennis is seriously good too.Roy picks up immediately on what you need to work on and can be devilish by sending you off on a one to one with a coach for the afternoon to sort it. Lucky if you can roll out of bed the next day! All the coaches make you feel good about your tennis and it is fun to rotate amongst them, each day, all of them adding to your game in a special way. It is like one big family and jokes galore whilst you feel you can't run another forehand down, somehow you do! Oh I guess I could ramble on endlessly but I hope you have gathered a sense of feeling, it is special, no words do it justice, and always lurking in the background is Joy (Roy's wife) making sure all little niggles are ironed out immediately and without fuss. Cannot recommend it enough, just go!"M.B., Adv. Int., April 2016 

"Best tennis camp ever!! Don't take my word...schedule a week next year and you will experience what everyone is talking about."J.B., Adv. Int., September 2016

""If you love spectacularly relaxing vacations, or you're passionate about tennis, or healthy living, or a sense of community, or just plain luxury - Roy Emerson gives it all to you at his tennis experience at The Gstaad Palace Hotel. The fairy tale setting and one delightful moment after another flitting from great accommodation, food, tennis activity, friendships, humour, dreamy relaxation seems like several heavens all compressed into a week. This is one week in the year I build my entire vacation calendar around. It's Roy of course, larger than life and everpresent, infusing personalised instruction, demos and humour to make the hours of tennis feel like a breeze. And each of his handpicked tennis pros are great too. At the end of the week, you'll Realize you've never slept or eaten better, you'll feel stronger and lighter, and your tennis game has automatically improved. The only thing is you'll never want it to end and you'll never enjoy any other vacation as much. So Gift yourself a week and all the memories with Roy in the Palace Hotel - in our lifetime, we've all earned at least one visit to RETW. Life will feel blissful and complete then."V.R., Adv., April 2016

"Roy and Joy Emerson are such wonderful people who host an outstanding week of tennis. The five hours of dedicated tennis instructions during each day of the week provided the perfect combinations of drills and competition.The setting is beyond beautiful. The resort is paradise. The tennis is magnificent.Roy and his chosen pros so passionately invest their time, so closely with every player and make that little corrections which greatly enhances our game.The accommodation and staff at Gstaad Palace hotel are a role model of excellence for Luxury hotels.Dinning experience have always revealed newer heights for taste buds."J.C., Adv. Int., April 2016

""What a wonderful location in Gstaad at the Palace Hotel, what marvelous tennis instructors and what a diverse group of participants from all over the world. Roy Emerson is the best."-T.C., Adv. Int., April 2016

"Great learning experience for players of all levels. Mr. Emerson gathered an exceptional group of teaching pros from baried backgrounds, many with tour experience and apperances in majors. Pros were excellent in teaching skills, heavily involved in oncourt action with participants ao much so that instruction was very personalized, at many times one to one and from point to point during matches. Many times doubles games consisted of three participants plus a pro; including the man himself , Roy. 
Each day Had AM & PM sessions with wonderful lunch at Gstaad Palace dining facility and ample rest between seasions. Each session begins with demonstration of particular strokes or strategies and the drills on same; then doubles matches. Roy has unique ability to match participants with similar levels of ability so that matches are not only fun but challenging and competitive; and he moves players into different teams and levels of play as they improve during week. Wonderful friendly environment for improving your skills in one of the most beatuiful alpine settings and one of the most famous and luxurious hotel accommodations in the world , The Gtaad Palace.
If looking for a camp that caters to ALL ages and levels of ability in a group setting but with a personalized approach, this has got to be on your short list. Facilities were red clay or indoor if weather dictated, so no down time. Mrs. Emerson (Joy) has organized an exceptional week in that she manages to get all participants to socialize with four events during the week, a greeting dinner, a mid week dinner, an afternoon picnic on the mountainside catered by the hotel, and a farewell dinner. So even spouses, significant others, and family feel part of " the action". In summary, Joy has the knack of organizing a tennis camp program friendly to the entire family, and is a real joy as a person.
And Roy, well Roy is Roy Emerson one of the greatest tennis players ever, and a great ambassador for Aussie tennis and lovablw Aussie spirit. Together they make this camp mot just an experience but an unforgettable event: atested to by the fact that this will be their 41st yr of Roy Emerson tennis weeks in this same location; seems taht they are dping something terribly right. As to weaknesses, if your looking for a boot camp mentality and physicality in a camp, look elsewhere; this is a camp learn how to play tennis better amd learn to enjoy it enormously."
—H.S., Int., October 2013


"I don't know how it happens - but every year is better than the last! This was our 8th trip in 9 years and we have every intention of going back this and every year we can!! The Palace Hotel is legendary (spectaluar setting, amazing food and wine) but Joy and Roy are the true legends and the reason everyone should consider a week of tennis in Switzerland. The instructors are from all over the world and they never disappoint. While on the surface, the price seems high - please take into account 5 hours of instruction per day, lodging and three meals a day. And I mean really really good food and lodging!! Fabulous!!"  
—K.S., Adv. Int., October 2013


"In a word, the experience of attending Roy Emerson's Tennis Weeks is surreal. There was not a single part of the time we spent in Switzerland that was not world class. It's truly difficult to pick a "best" part of the trip and there are an insufficient number of superlatives to describe the tennis, the views, the hotel staff service, the food, the accommodations, the other players in our camp, and the pros. 
Most important of all was the amazing atmosphere created by Roy and Joy Emerson. During the months leading up to our trip, they patiently answered our myriad questions and wee cannot say enough about what gracious hosts they were during our stay. Would we do it again? Absolutely!"
—D.G., Adv., August 2012


"Roy Emerson Tennis Weeks is the best experience you can imagine! The setting at the Palace Hotel is exquisite. The hotel is beautiful, but warm and welcoming with staff who treat you like family. Spa and fitness center are world class. Indoor/outdoor jacuzzi are a popular spot after a full day of tennis. The food is simply outstanding. Every meal is a new highlight, perfectly prepared and with remarkable variety. Of course the "draw" for all of us is Roy Emerson and he exceeds all expectations. Roy and his charming wife, Joy, personally see to all the arrangements and quickly make you feel like a life-long friend. Their personalities set the tone for a fun, relaxed week. We work hard and everyone comes with the hope of improving, but there is no pressure. Whether beginner or advanced player, everyone comes away feeling the week was geared toward their needs. Roy is on court with us all the time, supplemented by a group of pros who share his teaching philosophy and sense of fun. The ratio of students to pros is 3-4:1 .... you feel like you're getting private instruction. We are attending for the 4th time this year. What impressed us the most in our first year was how many people we met who have been coming for 10+ years. With a perfect combination of great tennis instruction, a fairly-tale, picturesque setting, gourmet cuisine and a fun, friendly environment ... what more could you ask for?"
—M.C., Int., March 2012

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